1. Such a stellar track. #witch is alive


  2. A track that Ryan and Alex recorded in his basement about two years ago. Enjoy it.


  3. w0lfamongsheep said: I h8 u


  4. unfollowryanross:

    serious question what the fuck is wrong with shane morris like literally how can someone be such a dick


  5. tylerghosteph:

    i really hate shane morris bye


  6. vevlet:

    i really love shane morris hi


  7. tylerghosteph:

    i really hate shane morris bye


  8. wheredidtherosevestgo said: If Ryan's project is going to be anonymous then why did you write all about it on his Facebook page?

    If a tree falls in the woods…


  9. fauxaffliiction:

    why is shane morris so obsessed with cars

    Rolling artwork; the symmetry of mechanisms working in harmony, to achieve motion.

    Truly a feat of artwork in industrial engineering.


  10. Hire me? I need healthcare.

    Hey. Weird question: Does anyone want to hire me? I don’t want to work for you, and if you pay me, I’ll just give you the money back. I just need to get on a decent healthcare plan, and being on Obamacare with all the specialist visits I need is just not cost effective for… well… me, but also really anyone that needs to see a neurologist regularly.

    So, if you know someone who is cool, and wants to really help me out, that’d be great.