1. tylerghosteph:

    i really hate shane morris bye


  2. vevlet:

    i really love shane morris hi


  3. tylerghosteph:

    i really hate shane morris bye


  4. wheredidtherosevestgo said: If Ryan's project is going to be anonymous then why did you write all about it on his Facebook page?

    If a tree falls in the woods…


  5. fauxaffliiction:

    why is shane morris so obsessed with cars

    Rolling artwork; the symmetry of mechanisms working in harmony, to achieve motion.

    Truly a feat of artwork in industrial engineering.


  6. Hire me? I need healthcare.

    Hey. Weird question: Does anyone want to hire me? I don’t want to work for you, and if you pay me, I’ll just give you the money back. I just need to get on a decent healthcare plan, and being on Obamacare with all the specialist visits I need is just not cost effective for… well… me, but also really anyone that needs to see a neurologist regularly.

    So, if you know someone who is cool, and wants to really help me out, that’d be great.


  7. Anonymous said: what'd ryan do?


    well it’s all hearsay from good ol’ shane morris but apparently ryan is releasing new music under a different name and he won’t promote it or anything so he can see if he can get popular again or whatever without his old fans. it’s really just him being a douche and getting rid of his old fans. shane talks a lot of shit but he’s talked about ryan doing this multiple times. sighs it’s very irritating in all honesty 

    It’s not just hearsay. It’s real life. Ryan is doing his project anonymously. I can’t tell you who it’s with.

    I mean, in all literal terms - it could have already been released. I couldn’t tell you if it was or wasn’t.

    He’s not trying to “get rid of” his old fans. He just wants to see if people will still love his music without his name attached to it, with no preconceptions about what he used to do.

    We will tell you all… eventually. Just not at first. Hope you understand.


  8. duns-not-guns:

    I’m sorry but people who complain about Shane Morris to Shane Morris are just wasting there time. He literally does not give a single fuck. 


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  10. Datsun 240 Z