2. ayegurl:

    Jeremy’s E38 from Auto Enthusiast Day : Source


  3. New BMD artist, Adventure Club.

    This is fire.

  4. brendons-dick:

    Ryan Ross is a beautiful majestic dolphin!! XD



  5. mikeyhey said: Fuck, marry, kill : Hitler, Shane Morris, Putin


    Fuck: Hitler so I can donkey punch and kill him during
    Marry: Shane Morris? 
    Kill: Putin



  6. kittiecusshetoldmeto:

    shanemorris do you eat with those things on your teeth asking for a friend pls respond

    No. It’s bad to eat with your grill in. It wears away your enamel. I only drink water with my grill. For everything else, it comes out.

    (Source: frenqers)


  7. blinkbackbones:

    wow so turns out shane morris is so mature and working so hard on all his amazing projects and spending his time so wisely that he’s now fighting teenagers on a shitty blogging website 

    you go shane. you tell em. you’re the boss. get a life

    Let’s fight then. I’m down.


  8. lnwlff said: homie successful people get hate it's a part of life, but some kids need to just calm down.

    I know. I know. Hatemail and weird “Shane Morris” searches exist here and Twitter.

    It’s weird. Whatever.


  9. e-pup:



    remember shane morris

    … Or The Titans.

    thanks shane

    No problem. Just jumping in my tag pool for a quick swim. Y’all carry on telling Tumblr how horrible I am. You’re doing GREAT.

    I’m proud of you.


  10. Anonymous said: i just saw someone defend shane morris and say they were unfollowing anyone for shane hate god is dead


    omg…………. omg what….

    Really? That’s cool. I hope they unfollow me.