1. Anonymous asked: i can't even look at Woody Harrelson without seeing Shane Morris and it freakins sucks because i used to really love woody harrelson. help




    WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE??????????? ????

    I have been told this MANY times in my life.

  2. Drake’s new song, as produced by my friends Ducko and Syk.

    It’s up on VICE, right now. And yeah… I wrote it.


  3. A message I got from a fan.

    Well. I think you’re pretty awesome.

    I’ll start here. I’ve been a Panic! at the Disco fan for a long time, but only recently have gone to the depth of researching music and artists to find where and how exactly the music I like came to be. Not too long ago whilst listening to P!ATD’s music did I come to the realization that their old music resonates more with me way more than their new music. So, to figure out why, I looked it up and figured out the reason was because Ryan Ross (your client, I’m assuming?) wrote the music in the pre-Vices & Virtues days-the music that I’m really passionate about. Thanks to Wikipedia, I figured out that he left the band around 2009 and is now pursuing a career on his own. That led to me finding his soundcloud page (which, if you’re wondering, made me fall in love with his music all over again and this time with his voice too) and then to your website and company in association with him. I looked around a bit on your facebook page and, holy shit, thank you. I have been searching the internet for a long while to find a source that will provide me with artists that are fresh and thought-provoking and that are altogether high quality and individual. The uniqueness your clients bring to the table is astounding; you are blessed with exquisite musical taste. I love alternative music and I just love what you’re doing and how you’re attempting to expose society to a different, more real type of music rather than just what’s mainstream.

    Sorry if you thought this was going to be a potential client’s message. I wish I was talented enough to write music comparable to yours. I just really wanted to thank you for helping out this suburban girl who’s lost in a society where everyone’s the same. Thanks for being different. I look forward to everything your company has to offer in the future.

    I really don’t know why I’m typing all this, I guess I just couldn’t go about my days without discovering you, having an opportunity to thank you, and not taking it. Again, thanks for providing kids like me an opportunity to listen to real music.


  4. We’ll make it work baby.


  5. Addiction

    I think it’s time to come clean about my addiction. It’s something I’ve struggled with for a long time, especially recently. I knew today I had a problem when I opened the pantry, and I saw a half empty bottle.

    It made my stomach churn to see a half empty bottle, and not pick it up. I just got the bottle yesterday, and already it was halfway gone. Last night, I fell asleep with a terrible stomach ache, and miserable heartburn - just because I had half the bottle, and barely any food with it.

    You know it’s a problem when you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t need any food. I just had like half this bottle.” But then the health consequences start creeping up on you. Even my roommate confronting me wasn’t enough. I bought a whole case for myself the other day, and he just said, “Those are all for you? Jesus, you’re fucking gross. I don’t know how the hell you do that.”

    Sriracha kids. Don’t mess around with it. Once you start using it, you can’t stop.


  6. Meh.

    I’m sorta starting to wonder why I have this. Tumblr is boring.


  7. This is a beautiful song.

  8. For Kitty.


  9. The End.

    Sometimes, I really wonder what the point of all this really is. No, not Tumblr. 

    I’m here, but my species has fully committed itself to enacting omnicide by means of a global anthropogenic ecological catastrophe. The only probable outcome of our actions is omnicide - only the means are in question. Whether it be catastrophic nuclear war, or complete environmental devastation, we’ll arrive at our certain end.

    Additionally, I have become increasingly worried that I’ll be alive to witness what it means observe the finality our regrettable decisions. Depending on whether you accept Gott’s statistical models for human population, or you adopt a more Bayesian model, it would be ludicrous to assume we are among the a priori. We are clearly within the a posteriori of humanity, as evidenced by the population boom over the past two centuries, but most notably over the past 50 years. (In which we have doubled the total world population.) This fact is only exacerbated the more populated the world becomes.

    It seems morally reprehensible to me, given my understanding, to bring children into the world, or continue my days on the given trajectory I have established for my life. It’s highly probable (with a GREAT degree of certainty) that we’re among the last 5% of human beings that will ever be born, and that humanity will cease to exist within the next 1,000 years. Furthermore, the statistical probability of total and complete human extinction within the next century is only growing.

    Death is a natural part of life. Dinosaurs occupied this blue sphere long before we did. (Unless, you know, you think the Earth is only 6,000 years old, and you think people lived with dinosaurs. But hey, if you believe that, nothing I said above will make any difference to you, because you’re gonna go hang with Jesus, so chill out. I say, “complete human extinction” you say, “That’s what God said in the Bible!”)¬†

    I feel lucky to have lived among such a beautiful and elegant species, but have a bittersweet feeling about it - because despite our intelligence to transform everything about the world, we forgot to transform ourselves. It’s sad really, because I love living this thing called human life. We are fully capable and possess the intelligence to drastically slow our own extinction, yet we choose not to.

    Spoiler alert: The humans die at the end.