1. faehui said: Who is Shane Morris even


    An actual scum bag (also the guy Patrick Stump completely slayed by dedicating 13+ consecutive tweets to for telling FOB fans to kill themselves and also harassing them, etc) (also he’s Ryan Ross’s manager poor Ryan)

  2. heyitsney-ney:

    I’d advice y’all to do the same

  3. ashtonstawp:

    I’m still really pissed but it felt good to get this off my chest


  4. lovelydistraction:

    If you haven’t been on Twitter in the past bit, this is what you have missed:

    Shane Morris needs our help, to help Ryan Ross. Whether you like Shane or not, do it for Ryan. He enlisted my help in uniting all us Panic! at the Disco fans to get the hashtag #ComeBackRyanRoss trending on Twitter….

    I’m co-signing this. Come on back Ryan.

  5. teenjalex:

    I think it’s kinda funny that this scum actually thinks I’m following him in the first place lol

    I think it’s funny that you give me the credence to speak my mind, and yet cannot understand a satirical message. You, not-respectfully-at-all-speaking, are fucking moronic, asinine, and stupid.

    When someone says something so hyperbolic and remonstrative that it simply cannot be reality, yet… you support it as reality, you are just as devious and malignant as the reality that I so despise.

    Yet, somehow, you think it’s about whether you follow me on Twitter. That’s nothing I regard with high priority; it’s the fact that you chose to take the time to screencapture my response, but not in full - and edit my message to your liking. You edited me, because the truth would have made you uncomfortable, and fallen outside your message.

    My WHOLE response.

    You see, that was what I wrote, in total. You just chose to EDIT me to paint me as a monster. That makes you much more reprehensible than I could ever be.

    You want to paint with lies. I paint with reality and truth.

    Go fuck yourself, you shamless little cunt.


  6. brill-bruisers:

    what the actual fuck is Ryan Ross doing with his life how do people actually like him

    Shane Morris is horrible and Ryan Ross is horrible and I never want to hear about either of them ever again


  7. peterfuckingwentz:

    i love reading shane morris’ tweets so that i can be angry at life

  8. theintermediatestates:

    regisfiliaaa: Got ‘em, coach!



  9. penceyprepofficial:

    wait what happened with shane morris this time i heard that he is in jail ??? please confirm / deny this for me

    Nope. Not in jail.

  10. Whoops. Shots fired.