1. Anonymous said: What are your thoughts on Shane Morris?


    this world can only be cleansed with fire


  2. I follow Shane Morris for a reason

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  3. emeraldpoison:

    Seriously, who actually likes Shane Morris?


  4. Anonymous said: i just saw someone defend shane morris and say they were unfollowing anyone for shane hate god is dead


    omg…………. omg what….


  5. flykarth:

    If Ryan Ross can stand by a man who told young teenagers to kill themselves then he deserves no respect and is as trashy as Shane Morris.


  6. Introducing Beautiful Majestic Dolphin Ticketing - For Musicians, Cutting Out The Middle Man

    If you’re a musician (or if you’re an agent or manager), you know the value of live shows and events. They’re awesome, because fans can support you with their hard earned money.

    The downside? Too many people have gotten their hands on that money. Ticketfly, Ticketmaster, Livenation, and others (usually) charge between 15-20% to process your tickets, tack on their fees, and take your money. I call bullshit.

    I just changed all that. I built a software suite for Wordpress that allows musicians to sell tickets, and ticketing bundles (tickets + merch + digital downloads). You get everything you’d normally get with all the other ticketing companies, plus the ability to geographically target your fans with email and Facebook campaigns (useful for tours), and bundle your tickets with merch (useful for increasing your profit margins).

    … and I do mean EVERYTHING, plus more. You can have scannable barcodes, guest lists, and unique portals for each promoter, so you know how many tickets each sub-promoter actually sells. You can do discount codes, enable “early bird” prices, and control all your inventory - plus it integrates with the Wordpress App for iPhone and Android, so you can monitor all your ticketing… from anywhere.

    This whole thing was built with what musicians actually need, because I manage musicians. I built this, because it’s what my artists needed in order to be the most profitable.

    "But Shane, I don’t know how to setup all this stuff. I mean, I’m good at Wordpress, but I’d need some help getting it all started." - That’s why I’m here, motherfucker. Because, even though the software is easy once it’s setup, it’s actually FIVE pieces of software. (It’s a suite. Not just a one-click install. It’s complicated, because it works. If I could install it with one click, I’d suck at what I do.)

    Oh, right - does it cost a lot of money?

    The monthly cost for months you use it? $10-50. Pretty cheap ongoing cost. (Yes, you read that correctly. It depends on size of your email list.)

    The setup cost? $1,500. But wait, Shane, that’s a LOT of money.

    Not really. Let’s say you’re doing a show where the tickets are $15 each, and you sell 250 tickets. If your current ticketing company takes 20%, then you’d be losing $750 of the $3,750 of your gross to the ticketing company.

    In that case, my software suite pays for itself in TWO events. After that, the profits are all yours. (Of course, if you do larger shows, it could, in theory, pay for itself in one event.)

    The game has changed. I’m tilting the tables in favor of musicians. No more middle men needed. Keep all your damn money, because you work too hard to lose 15-20% of your event revenue to a ticketing company. Don’t buy the bullshit about how they’re “helping you with marketing” or whatever. If you want marketing help, I’d be happy to tell you about CPM campaigns on ad networks, because you’ll get higher conversions that way anyway.

    Oh, right: “But what if I need to ship wristbands or physical tickets?” - You can do that too. I really did cover everything.

    ALSO - if you want to get REALLY cheap on this, and you do a ton of ticketing, I developed an API for Costco’s credit card terminals that integrates with Dwolla. Any transaction under $10 is free, and anything over $10 if just $0.50 per transaction - because fuck paying stupid credit card fees.

    DAMN, I’m good.


  7. falloutboy2013 said: Hey dude! Just thought I'd ask a kind of weird question, considering you're a manager. How in the hell do you get to be a concert photographer? I've tried literally everything and I either don't get replies or they tell me I'm talking to the wrong person. Am I missing something?

    You need to talk to whoever the promoter is. Bands and their management rarely ever hire concert photographers.


  8. merci-pour-le-gay:

    I am so FUCKING SICK of Shane Morris


  9. gayforlyn-zway:

    I love the fact that Shane Morris goes around liking posts that are completely shitting on him. To me it shows that he doesn’t really take himself too seriously and not really be affected by hate which are two qualities that I really respect in a person.


  10. merci-pour-le-gay:

    you guys shane morris liked my text post about how much i hate him im pissing