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  2. The website re-launch is here. BMD 3.0 has arrived.

    Hope you dig it.

    ALSO - Baby E is joining the team. Stoked about that.


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    sirxtokes: a girl can respect herself and still take booty pics wtf y’all talkin about

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    love these wheels

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  6. Hate me now.


  7. jamzm asked: Hey Shane! I dunno if my last ask sent, my computer has been acting up. I just wanted to say thank you so much about the lighting thing. I know there's only a chance that I could intern, but that chance turned my whole life around. It made my world seems so much brighter. So thank you so much, it makes me so happy just to know there's a chance. You and Ry continue to inspire me to fight for this dream. So thank you, thank you, thank you. -Jamie

    No problem Jamie. Tell you what… since I don’t know when Ryan will actually go on tour, just shoot me an email, and I’ll give you a list of lighting design companies you should send an email to. You’re better off starting there, than with me. I’m not really in a position to tell any lighting company who they should hire as an intern, because it’s just a totally different part of the business.

    It’s hard to explain this to someone not in the business (yet), but the lighting techs basically give zero fucks what I have to say. Agents and managers are just… not lighting people. I’m colorblind. Trust me - they really don’t care what I’m saying about the stage. (That’s why we hire people.)

    It’ll help if you’re in a major city, but even small places have lighting people somewhere. iMag is the big one in Nashville, and I have two close friends who work there. Outside of Nashville, I’m not really sure who I would ask, because you usually travel with your lighting company.

    Also, remember this: Sometimes, you have to start small. Even if it’s not at a major company, you should try applying at a local venue, and learning there. That’s when you can start thinking about applying for better positions at bigger companies. Work your way up the ladder, like you would everywhere else.

    Shoot me an email with your details, and I’ll try my best to point you in the right direction. shane AT beautifulmajesticdolphin DOT com — And best of luck to you. I hope you end up with a fun career in this industry.


  8. Another cool night.

    You know, I really love Nashville. I feel like I found a home here, and I love it.

  9. Tonight in Nashville, at Vanderbilt. Rites of Spring, with Cherub and 2 Chainz.

    Should be fun.

  10. theconundrum0femma:

    Basically ryan ross asked me to prom

    Hey man! Nico and Emma! She totally said yes! Super dope.

    This makes me happy.