1. punkrockflowerchild said: I like that you can make a career out of managing “musicians” that don’t make music and bullying 14 year old girls. Too bad that’s all I have nice to say about you; go back to jerking off to tentacle porn and calling teenagers fat ugly clowns now. Not trying to stop you from living your life.

    *closes browser window with tentacle porn*

    … wait. How did you know?

  2. hurleysquad:

    steal their look: shane morris & ryan ross

    2 trash cans found on a street corner: $0.00

    Accurate. Most of the time, we tend to look like trash.


  3. peteortreat:

    i may be trash but at least im not Shane Morris


  4. hesitantjoyridingalien:

    Remember that time I made a post trash talking Shane Morris and he freaking reblogged it


  5. Anonymous said: Shane morris is attacking 5sos and their fans and I'm conflicted cause Shane is trash but so is 5sos and their fans.


    I hate 5sos as much as the next person but I would never wish that piece of shit on anyone.


  6. Anonymous said: wait who said "fuck the fans"??


    nasty ass shane morris


  7. Anonymous said: holy shit. Are you comfortable going into detail about your friend/Travis Scott? I'm so sorry for your loss, that sounds insane


    He survived the night and went to become a major headache afterwards. Google Shane Morris and Travis Scott and try to find the posts that the internet put out.

    Bottom line is Travis Scott is a back stabbing cunt who’s incredibly talented. The dude he brought out to la with him to build their career together, Tony Lomo, got sent packing back to Texas right after Travis started catching attention. Dudes a total bastard.


  8. lucyintheskywithgold said: I know Shane Morris! He's a dick, like, seriously a fucking douchebag. Here is something I found about all the mess he has created. heacademyis(.)co(.)vu/post/42733669382/shane-morris-and-why-everybody-hates-him


    I just got the link, love. Shane Morris is scum on the bottom of FOB’s shoes. And that’s the highest he’ll ever be. Patrick took care of it, though. Another reason to love Patrick

  9. bangmelikey0urdrums:

    You’re on my shit list Shane Morris and I’m coming for you. (Can you all please go block and report him on twitter? He needs to be stopped)


  10. mdtwn:

    didn’t he get arrested a while ago

    not that i know of, but i wouldn’t be surprised if he has

    I got arrested in November. I smashed a dude up in a bar. He had to get stitches.